Picture Framing

With over 40 years’ experience of framing at the Croft Studio, I currently supply a number of artists and art galleries around Skye and the Highlands.


I stock a wide range of mouldings – from natural wood to gilts– small sample as shown.

Mount Cutters:

  1. Computer controlled cutter which enables me to mount pieces of various designs (circles/ovals/stars etc) up to 1220 x 815 mm approx.
  2. Manual cutter for large mounts up to 1520 x 1020 mm approx.


I stock a wide range of conservation quality mount board in a large selection of colours


Enables artwork to be pressed flat and stuckdown to backing board, it also, laminates both up to 1200 x 815 mm approximately in size.


Available as 2mm clear – 2mm defused – UV glass – Plastic glass

Shrink Wrapper:

Provides a temporary protection for artwork

Tapestry Stretcher:

Dealing with pieces up tomax. 750 x 750mm

I also offer digital image alterations and repair service

A cost estimate is given with all enquiries

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